WebMD and Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts explore five breakthroughs that may seem like science fiction but they’re closer to reality than you think. Are you ready to embrace the future?

View the Future of Health with Robin Roberts



NEW YORK, February 10, 2015—ROCK’N ROBIN PRODUCTIONS, the independent production company of “Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts, is proud to announce a new web-based video series, WEBMD’S FUTURE OF HEALTH with Robin Roberts.  The five-episode series premieres on March 2, 2015 and is produced in conjunction with WebMD, the Internet’s leading source of health information.

WEBMD’S FUTURE OF HEALTH with Robin Roberts explores the latest, cutting-edge health and science breakthroughs, including: the innovative use of 3-D printing for prosthetics and the possibility of printing organs for transplant; an innovative new obesity treatment that offers a much-needed alternative to highly invasive gastric surgery; remarkable new technology that restores vision to the blind; the successful, and highly experimental, infertility procedure of womb transplants; and astounding wireless medicine advances, including those that turn smartphones into life-saving devices.

With a story-telling, investigative approach—that reflects Robin Roberts’ mission to report with compassion and integrity—each episode features moving and uplifting stories about the heroes pioneering these advances, and the patients benefiting from their amazing work.

“Breakthrough science, clinical trials, treatments, and new digital technologies hold great promise, but these innovations can be complicated and confusing,” said Dr. Steven Zatz, President, WebMD. “Robin Roberts is one of the most inspirational and compassionate storytellers of our time and the perfect partner to help WebMD make the Future of Health accessible today.”

WEBMD’S FUTURE OF HEALTH with Robin Roberts launches as the digital video landscape is exploding.   “We agreed from the very inception of Rock’n Robin Productions that digital programming should be a huge part of our repertoire,” said John R. Green, Vice president of Programming and Development at the company. “And collaborating with webMD makes sense to us because they are such a trusted brand with very high editorial standards.”

This marks the second collaboration between WebMD and Roberts. In November 2014, Roberts hosted WebMD’s Health Hero Awards, which honored six people who were recognized for meeting a health challenge and giving back to others. To view video profiles of this year’s WebMD Health Heroes, including Roberts’ interview with Hall of Fame Award Winner Michael J. Fox, visit www.webmd.com/healthheroes.

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