Through compelling patient stories and insights from medical experts, Path to a Breakthrough sheds light on how medical innovations, including Precision Medicine, Immunotherapy, and Biologics, are providing doctors with powerful new tools to treat disease, alleviate symptoms, and in some cases, reverse the course of debilitating illness.

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In this extraordinary new series, WebMD and Roberts share the stories of Cara, a 4-year-old girl who lost, then regained her ability to walk from the clues hidden in her genetic makeup; Trevor, a man diagnosed with stage IV Lymphoma in the prime of his life, and the doctor who helped him harness his own immune system for a nontoxic cancer treatment; Kevin, whose pain from dirt bike racing injuries was nothing compared to the excruciating pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis; Falisha, whose life-changing diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis was alleviated by biologics; and Rebecca, whose debilitating Psoriasis led to blindness.

“There’s an incredible amount of innovation happening in medicine today, and I’m extremely proud of the work my team at Rock’n Robin Productions (RRP) has done with WebMD to bring some of these promising developments to life,” said Robin Roberts. “While these medical breakthroughs are nothing short of incredible, it’s extraordinary to meet the patients courageously navigating these various health challenges and the medical professionals who are so dedicated to helping them.”