If you’re looking for a sign that the future of America is bright, meet 26-year-old Cleveland twins Sharita and Shaye Taylor, whose smiles and infectious personalities have brightened up our stay in Schladming, Austria. The twins and their family are here for the Special Olympics World Winter Games, where Sharita is competing in figure skating for the U.S. team.


When Sharita was diagnosed with autism as a child, doctors said there was little chance she would ever talk normally, or excel in sports. But like most athletes from the Special Olympics, Sharita focused on her abilities. They turned out to be considerable. Articulate and athletic, today she is a stand-out in figure skating and ice dancing. And off the ice, she is proud to remind you the sisters both graduated from a mainstream high school.

But there’s nothing mainstream about this dynamic duo. Like Sharita, sister Shaye is a talented skater. Helping Sharita train, Shaye is truly the yin to her sister’s yang, and her biggest source of support and inspiration. Together they have been called the Venus and Serena Williams of figure skating.

Sharita was the only athlete from Ohio selected for the U.S. team at the Special Olympics World Winter Games, and she doesn’t take that opportunity lightly. Both sisters are overflowing with hometown pride, especially for Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James. At the end of Robin’s interview with the twins on GMA, they seized the opportunity on live TV to appeal to King James for a meeting.

And it appears LeBron James can spot fellow champions when he sees them. Moments after Robin’s twitter post about the sisters, The King tweeted his support to his fellow Clevelanders.

​Something tells me the sisters will get to meet their hero in person soon. Hopefully, they know they are now heroes themselves to millions.

For more about the Taylor sisters and their meeting with Robin, click on this story from ESPN.com.

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